So far it’s fitting! Measured and reviewed many many times. My drawings were at revision 22. The drawings from Kerf were at revision 13. That is my lucky number so that must be it. Here it is with Roy doing the install.



I rented a truck and drove to Seattle yesterday to pick up my kitchen cabinets from Kerf design.

Why get my kitchen from Seattle? We spent so much time designing our kitchen around their system for one. Then I visited a local fabricator and got depressed looking at all the pressboard. The Kerf cabinets are all low VOC plywood so they will last, age well and will not be off gassing. We haven’t been crazy about the VOC but pretty diligent. I have bad lungs so it’s not a random thing. So when the time came to order the kitchen we just pressed forward with Kerf.

Wood cabinets are duty free but I got a customs broker to do my paperwork just in case. I’m not sure if it helped or hindered. I sure got a lot of questions and on the way back had to turn around and go back into the US to cross at the commercial crossing. I had a commercial invoice after all. Re-entering the US was a little nerve racking as my already unusual activity got even more unusual. It’s never pleasant when a customs officer asks for your keys. After some further grilling and inspection he let me pass and I crossed the other border fine and made the last ferry home.

Now let’s hope they fit….


Our patio Railings almost done. Those guys do not mess around. Privacy glass on the neighbours sides, clear facing the lake.

Rock Wool insulation is going in the ceiling. Two layers of R22 with the 3″ of foam topside will make for an R56 roof assembly! The guys are not having fun putting it in.

The window trim has also started. It’s a different style but looking good so far. The thick walls give such a solid safe feel and the 12″ (finger jointed pine) moulding fits perfectly without any ripping. It’s edge will sit slightly proud of the surrounding trim. The opposite of the normal way. Why do the normal way?


The siding is complete (minus a few details I have yet to point out). My wife was there this weekend taking a few shots while I was away.

This is the West side. Another large expanse with windows placed for privacy. This side faces a neighbour and is less imposing from their view especially since it’s seen through trees, or will be in a few years…. You can get an idea from this earlier progress shot.

Our son had a run around in the living room. Note the floor is protected and painting has begun.

And the neighbours have helped neaten up the wood pile. My patio Douglas fir cookies are stacked and ready to become an outdoor floor. Sorry you had to die 018 but at least you aren’t firewood.


Main living floor being polished

Top floor being primed

Siding wrapping around

Was short 30 Hardie boards but needed some more to finish anyway. I’m doing the prepainting so the crew can keep moving.

“Garage” is already proving a useful workspace…..

Progress by calculator

Well the bank didn’t release the funds that last visit. Into the RRSP I went. It’s double whammy since not only do you take 30% off the top, the amount withdrawn is permanently taken away from your contribution room. Very painful. The bank was gracious enough to share their calculator with me at least. It’s heavily weighted to the finishing for obvious reasons. And here I put so much into the envelope…. that’s sarcasm FYI. This is the calculator

That is why we put in the front door when I would have rather left it longer. It’s also why we are pushing pushing pushing to get the siding done. Next bank appraisal is Tuesday. Will they release the funds? Stay tuned….